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      In our boutique, we meet the client so they can view our collection and see all the sample fabrics and embroideries available. At this stage, customers will get a chance to try on different outfits to assess the styles that suit them the most. Customers can also experience Oorvi Desai shading, texture and weaving tests, where they can blend and match to make their fantasy outfits.


      Customers meet with Oorvi Desai again where they are able to bring any thoughts, including magazine cuttings, color schemes and style ideas. We will propose various alternatives on textures and weaving to blend and match to make the intended outfits. Oorvi will at that point sketch the thoughts and style on paper.


      When the customer is satisfied with a certain concept, we start working on the initial stage of embroideries and trial fittings, just to make sure everything is perfect. Two samples can be sent to the client so they can decide on which one suits them the best.


      During this phase, we can send images of the piece as it is in progress. When all the hand embroidery is done, the outfit goes into stitching. We will then send an image of the stitched piece to the client.


      When the outfit is ready, customers usually return for a fitting. On the off chance that there are any minor adjustments, these are done within a couple of days.