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      I have served clients from all around the world, and from my observations, I can say that the Indian diaspora still tends to keep their Indian Fashion sensibilities very much alive, where we get to see a beautiful amalgamation of Indian and western wear that reflects in their choices. 

      I have seen a transition of choices among my clients where now they are more interested in customization of their overall styling depending on their personal tastes. It is interesting how exposure to a plethora of information over the internet and the urge to look ‘unique’ and ‘their best’ on their social media feed has led to the transition of the consumer market. 

      The ‘Oorvi Desai Bride & Groom’ being one of my segments, I can pretty much differentiate how my clients have now become more brand-conscious and trend-oriented than ever before. 'Mixing and Matching', some would want to go furthermost traditional while some would want to explore the modern pastel hues when it comes to co-ordinated couture. 

      One thing, however, I don’t see a compromise on - is a good fitting. Good tailoring is an asset. With this in mind, I have introduced both a modern and a traditional range of bespoke luxury outfits to choose from our Wedding, Reception, and even the Wedding Guest Collection with the best finesse.

      Speaking of trends, unquestioned influence can be seen from Bollywood and celebrity inspired designs. Hence, my design focal point is always to get that perfect mix of Indian motifs and western silhouettes that are composed to meet the sartorial choices of my clients. 


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      Dressing Right for your Wedding – The Do’s & Don’ts for the Modern Indian Couple

      Mehndi, sangeet, marriage ceremony, reception, and so on! The big fat Indian wedding is all about the multitude of ceremonies that happen over a good few days, each of them a grand event in themselves. And just like the ceremonies, the bride and groom outfits for each need to be diverse. If you’re one of those tying the knot this year, this list will help you avoid some common mistakes and look your best on the most special day of your life.

      Coordinate Your Outfits

      This may seem banal to start with but coordinating outfits with your bride or groom is a perfect way to make an impression and flaunt your love for each other. You don’t need to go overboard with the idea and match everything, simply coordinate the colours of your dupatta or the sherwani and lehenga and you’re good to go.

      Balance Style with Comfort

      Sure, it is important to look chic and flattering on your wedding, but it is equally important to feel comfortable. Keep in mind, Indian wedding ceremonies are long and tiring, and some even include dancing! Make sure you choose an outfit that has a perfect balance of style and comfort.

      Take it Easy with the Make-Up

      Simplicity is the best ornament you can wear at your wedding. While it is acceptable to complement your lehenga or sherwani with some jewellery, it is not always a good idea to laden your face with excessive make-up. Just put enough to accentuate your natural features and you’ll shine through with elegance.

      Pick the Right Footwear

      Heels are not for every bride. Likewise, Mojaris are not for every groom, no matter how fancy and appropriate they look. Be it your sangeet, wedding or reception, your footwear should be something you are comfortable spending hours standing or dancing in.

      Go Traditional

      Whether you’re the bride or groom, if you’re having an Indian wedding, be sure to embrace the true beauty of Indian traditions. Pick at least one accessory or piece of clothing that has a cultural value, like a “Kalgi” or brooch on the turban in case of the groom, and a maang tikka, nathni (nose piece) or Gajra in case of the bride.


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